Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Quarter Project

Giant Worm on a Stick
Originally uploaded by matt.houser

I decided at 3am March 13, 2008, when I should have been doing work to prepare for a Junior Comp. Final, that this Spring being my last quarter of college, I would undertake a photo project. I am calling it, "Spirit of 76". Sounds gay I know, but I have 76 days of Spring quarter, my last days of college. So I am going to take my camera out and about like a VICO student and everyday I will get a picture to represent that day out of 76. In the end I hope to have one killer photo gallery of my final approach into reality. So to start this off, I found this picture I took of a giant worm in my backyard this summer. I shot it in Camera RAW, which, I should shoot everything in and will do so for my project. Wish me luck and check back everyday from March 31st - June 14th for my shots I will try to post them one day after the fact.

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