Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Update.

Brought down the XG-1 and got some BW film for it, I've taken a few shots and am excited to see what she can do. Here is a shot I took with my digital through the viewfinder on the XG. I like the feel of the shot.

I got to share my experiences and knowledge of what OU has to offer in an impromptu tour that stumbled upon me and some other OU players in the studio this weekend. It's hard to believe that I have been here for three years and only have one more year before I am released on the world. Sharing my experiences with this young girl and her mom really was a great feeling, sort of made me wish I was a recruiter for OU TCOM, because I think I could do it. If she comes next fall, I have game. HAHA.

My new favorite toy is Adobe LightRoom.
I leave you with this. Go Tribe!!!!

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Your fav sister said...

wow thats a great picture of me! thanks for taking it down! lol