Thursday, May 10, 2007

Summer Plans:

Alright here is my plans for this summer, I would like to get as much freelance work while I am enjoying life in Nashville as possible, and if you have any suggestions or ideas let me know.

After the conclusion of the spring quarter, on June 8th, I will be going to Oakmont, PA to watch the US OPEN golf tournament with my family, as my Dad's cousin's husband is the chief greens keeper in charge of the course and in charge of the tournament so that is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will most likely never get to experience again.

After two days at the tournament I will return home to Ashland, OH where I will gather my things and prepare for my move to the South side of Nashville to begin my double internship for the summer. I will be working at both Taillight TV, a successful production company and GroundZero Post Production, a successful post house, while in Nashville this summer switching from one to the other every other day. So my life will be hectic but amazingly interesting and exciting. Check out where I will be.


Also included in this summer's events, I will be photographer for a good friend's wedding. This will be the 2nd wedding I have acted as photographer for, and the 5th wedding that I have worked as a part of in some form of media (video/still/audio).

In the past, my first wedding I shot on borrowed equiptment, which gave me a good feel for what I would need in order to be on my own. And after much research and attention to finding what I would need I think I have my equiptment picked out. Next step is selling my parents to either front me the money, and allow me to work it off, or front me a bad ass graduation present. haha...either way, I would like to get this camera asap, so I can take it to the Open golf tourney and to have in Nashville to document my time not only working within the country music industry but while I experience the city and all its wonder.

Meanwhile, while I'm you know not doing anything and bored in Nashville, I would like to, pending I get the camera I need, work as a freelance for locals. An aquiantace in my hometown of Ashland, has a small business that he runs partly as a promotional company to the local sports and partially to make some side cash called, Black and White Photography.

Tim Black Photo

He runs his business at least in the beginning on the concept of taking shots at local events, and then he post them online and donates half his proftis back to the school. He has made over $20,000 and donated half back to schools, and seems to be doing alright. If I can I would like to incorporate something simliar to this if I can make it both successful and profitable.

So... Let me know if you have any business plan ideas that I can focus on to help me.

Another thing, I shot a music video for a local band that I thought wasn't too bad, and by shooting more and working first hand this summer with the pro's I hope to further define my skills. If I had a video camera I could do this while in Nashville, but photo to me seems much more flexible and managable at this point. Regardless check out my youTube.


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David Johnson said...

Wow. Sorry i asked. Just kidding.

Good plan. One suggestion is to get familiar with Craigeslist. Lots of grassroots stuff happening there.

You might want to introduce yourself to this organization